Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lunchtime will never be the same.

This weekend, Heidi will be moving back to Minneapolis. Ella and I will be very sad. No more lunches in the Circle. No more games on Sunday. No more Heidi :-(

But what we will have is a really good excuse to visit Minnesota! We wish you safe travels and the best of luck. We'll see you soon.


Heidi said...

I will miss Ella's eyebrows! and Amber! and Sundays! and lunches at zorbas! and Brady! and the delicious quiche! can't wait to see you guys in the midwest :) ! I am going way over my exclamation point quota today, but its unavoidable(!)

Anonymous said...

Amber, you've been such a good friend to Heidi. I wish I could have met you on one of my trips to DC. Heidi was a baby in a house with wood floors and didn't like crawling on them, so she got up and walked at 9 months!
If you come through Bozeman, stop and see us! (There go the exclamation points; must be genetic, along with the nose!