Thursday, November 09, 2006

2-month Update

Ella went in for her 2-month appointment and all is well. She's still quite petite - only 9 lbs and 22 inches long. She's well within the normal range, but still so tiny! I also had to take her in to get three shots... Boy, was that difficult for me. I tried not to look and instead held Ella's little hands and watched her face. When they stuck her with the first set of needles, she let out a high-pitched shriek and then left her mouth open for about 10 seconds - unable to let out any noise, she was in so much pain. So sad! But, just a few minutes later she was laughing and seemed to forget all of the torture we just put her through. Since then, she's been pretty tired and has had a fever off and on, but nothing major. I'd say she did pretty well... I'm just not ready to put her through that again any time soon.

This last weekend, Ella got to spend some time with her Uncle Wessley and Aunt Gretchen who were in town looking for a house. They will be moving to Southern Maryland at the beginning of the year. We can't wait to have them around!

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Dana said...

What a cute little thing! And, so tiny too! Kohen was already 9 lb 7 oz at his two week check. I guess he is getting big fast! I love seeing all the pictures, and that little dress you have her in is adorable.