Monday, October 23, 2006


We returned yesterday from our long weekend in Pittsburgh. It was great to visit with family and to get out of town. Ella slept the whole way (4 hours) up and back and was such a good girl all weekend. On Friday, we drove to Ambridge to have lunch with Brady's grandma, aunt Mary and cousin Donna. We were treated to fresh pierogi and even brought home three dozen for later. Yum! Then we brought Granny Boo back to the house (we stayed with Brady's cousin Rob, his wife Lynn and two cute girls Kelsey and Leah) and visited for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, his grandma had to fly back early Saturday morning, but it was great to see her and have her meet Ella.

Saturday afternoon, I left Ella with Brady and had my first time away since giving birth. Fortunately, I had pumped a few bottles for Brady to feed her... she's such a hungry girl. In my four hours away, I got my first pedicure ever (nice!) and did a little shopping. It was great to get away, but I sure did miss Ella. I ended up looking at baby clothes most of the time, but I did buy myself a few things...

It was a wonderful mini vacation and we learned a lot about traveling with an infant. First, babies need a lot of stuff. Our car was packed with baby gear - stroller, carseat, travel bed, diaper bag, clothes bag, camera, bouncy chair, carrier... and then we needed to bring a few things for ourselves. But, we now know that Ella is a good little traveler. And that makes us very happy :-)

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