Thursday, October 05, 2006

ella's not really asleep... she's just resting her eyes

What happened to all of those 2-hour naps Ella took in the first few weeks? I'm lucky if I get a half an hour here or there. I guess she doesn't want to miss out on anything... except sleep.

Help is on the way! My dad flies in tonight - I'm so excited for Ella to meet her grandpa... and to have someone to hand her off to when I need to go to the bathroom. Brady will be back tomorrow. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Hello, little mother! Those of us who raised you kids, know just where you're comin' from! No gets really hard to be patient and loving....that's why babies are so absolutely adorable! Hope your hubby got home and I'm sure you are enjoying having Grampa Stevo there...wish I could have gone along with him!
love ya, aunt soo soo

Anonymous said...

Hang in there honey. just think she could have been twins. When Madi and Steph were born Marilyn and Steve turned into zombies. It's great Steve is there. I bet he is first rate help. Love ya.

special K said...

my dear lord... I think this is the cutest kid I have ever seen.