Monday, August 07, 2006

35/36 Week Update

I just got back from several hours at the hospital... first was my ultrasound appointment, which determined that my placenta hasn't budged. It's still very close to the opening of my cervix and that could cause complications when I go into labor. The doctors are looking over the measurements to determine how close it actually is... I'm borderline for either having a scheduled c-section, or being set up to go into actual labor with the good chance of having a c-section. I will know a bit more when I go in again next week. If the placenta is close enough, I may just schedule the c-section because I'm not really keen on the idea of going through labor, hemmorhaging and then getting cut open anyway. It just doesn't sound too fun. But then again, neither does a scheduled c-section.

The good news is that Ella is healthy, weighing in at around 5 pounds, 11 oz. She still moves around well for being so big, but it causes me pain from time to time. I have gained another three pounds, for a total of 27 for this pregnancy. Not so bad. I'm going in every week at this point - the bad thing is that with appointments so close, it's difficult to see the same doctor twice. I will be seeing Dr. #4 next week. I have been happy with everyone so far, but it would be nice to not have to repeat my information to a new person every time. Oh well. I'm just thankful I've made it this far and am still in good spirits. I'll keep you updated.

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