Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ups and Downs

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for the Haynes family. Here's the rundown:

I left early from work because I could hardly stay awake. After sleeping for a few hours, I started making myself a sandwich... then suddenly I was having extreme lower back/abdominal pain. I laid on the couch and quickly called Labor + Delivery. They said to come in right away... at that point I was in a great deal of pain and was panicking. Luckily, the pain got better on my drive to the hospital. They took my vitals, strapped me up to a contraction monitor and gave me a full exam. Long story short... the baby's fine (she's kicking like mad), I just have a bit of an infection. I start medication today and will be going back to the Dr. next week. I'm still a little shaken up by the whole incident, but am thankful that all is well.

On another bad note, I also found out yesterday that someone stole my debit card number and was using it to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of crap in Florida. Not sure how that happened, as I still have my card in my wallet. It's been cancelled and I have filed a report... just have to wait to hear if the bank is going to give us our money back. Bollocks!

But... on a brighter note, I received some really cool earrings in the mail yesterday (see pic) - straight from Australia, from a company called Polli. Just a little something I treated myself to recently...

And... Brady and I started yoga class last night. He's taking Yoga 1 and I'm taking Pregnancy Yoga next door. It was great being in the room with 20 pregnant ladies, all of which are going through the same interesting experience as me. The instructor is wonderful and I am so happy to have such a resource so close to my house (only 3 blocks away).

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